About ‘voices from the margins’

“Dedicating this blog to all small and marginal farmers in diverse production landscapes from the peripheries of forests to that of cities in India. Despite being dominant in numbers and almost omnipresent across the country, they remain  marginal in existence as well as invisible and unheard by the mainstream society.

Each small farmer tells a unique story about some highs and many lows of agrarian change in India. This blog takes up the task of making these stories reach the  non-rural non-farming Indians. Please do feel free to post any feedbacks and comments.”

The blog is hosted by Seema Purushothaman and Sheetal Patil. Both are from School of Development, at Azim Premji University Bangalore. Interviews of farmers in Karnataka were conducted by a team of researchers including Siddhartha Lodha and Sridhar Bellubbi.

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